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Port Orange Criminal Defense

Port Orange Criminal Defense Attorneys

Providing Legal Representation for Those Fighting Charges Throughout Volusia County

The skilled litigators at Buckmaster & Ellzey have years of experience providing strong criminal defenses for our clients in Port Orange and neighboring communities. When your freedom is on the line, you need the legal support of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Whether your case is a common criminal charge, quickly resolved, or a complex case that requires months of preparation and investigation, our Port Orange criminal defense attorneys are the legal minds you want on your side. When you’re fighting for your freedom, the experience and expertise of your legal team matter immensely.

At Buckmaster & Ellzey, we provide defenses for a wide variety of offenses, including:

  • DUI
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug crimes
  • Federal crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Internet crimes
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Probation violations

Your attorney will steer the direction of your case and lead the strategy for your defense, so make sure you choose wisely. Our attorneys are dedicated to getting positive results for our clients, so when you decide to work with the legal team at Buckmaster & Ellzey, you can feel confident in our commitment to your defense. We provide well-crafted legal strategies for a wide range of criminal defense practice areas. We are confident our commitment to tailored case direction and passionate dedication to protecting our client’s rights make us the ideal legal team, regardless of what charges you face.

If you are in need of a Port Orange criminal defense attorney, contact us today to discuss your case! Call (888) 785-6548 today to request your criminal defense consultation.

Why Choose Our Port Orange Criminal Defense Lawyers?

Everyone deserves a solid and aggressive legal defense when their future freedom is in jeopardy. You can’t afford to risk leaving your case in the incapable hands of an attorney not fully committed to mounting the most vigorous criminal defense on your behalf. Our attorneys are dedicated professionals who will put in as much work as needed to ensure your case is ready for court. Being convicted of a crime can derail your life and put any future plans you have at risk. You need to choose an attorney who will invest the time and effort to protect your freedom. 

You can trust the Port Orange Criminal Defense team at Buckmaster & Ellzey to provide: 

  • 40+ Years of Proven Legal Experience
  • Former Prosecutor Fighting for Your Rights
  • 2015 Avvo Clients’ Choice Award for Criminal Defense
  • Compassionate, Trial-Tested Defense

Our track record of success has been earned over a 40-year career fighting for the rights of our clients. Everyone is entitled to a strenuous legal defense; after all, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We will fight hard for a favorable outcome in your case. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Going to court with a defense attorney can hurt your chances of a positive outcome. There are many additional benefits to hiring a criminal defense attorney to fight for your freedom, including: 

  • Expertise: A criminal defense attorney knows the legal arena and what to expect. They know the environment and will keep you aware of significant changes. A criminal defense attorney will also have connections and knowledge of procedures. 
  • Subject Matter Expert: Your attorney will explain all charges and penalties you face and ensure you are prepared for court. When you don’t have a legal background, it can be challenging to understand what is happening in court or the consequences you face with a guilty verdict. 
  • Paperwork, Filing, and Court Requirements: Your attorney will ensure you’ve met all the requirements for your case. They will ensure all paperwork is filed on time and completed correctly.  
  • Legal Knowledge: Criminal defense attorneys are legal professionals with knowledge of the law and years of experience learning to build case strategies. They have experience in courtroom procedures and can help you put your best case forward. 
  • Legal Protection: Your attorney will provide legal protection to prevent you from being taken advantage of or from falling victim to self-incrimination. 
  • Dedication: Your defense attorney is your advocate and legal representative. They are dedicated to your defense, and they will work hard to secure your freedom, limit any hardship you may face, and ensure your interests are protected. 

Our Port Orange criminal defense lawyers can discuss the benefits of securing legal representation and how they can help move your case forward. Call (888) 785-6548 to schedule a consultation.

Experience You Can Count on to Protect Your Freedom

The attorneys at Buckmaster & Ellzey are passionate about fighting for our clients. We will work hard to secure a favorable outcome in your case. We have over 40 years of experience working on behalf of our clients. We know what to expect before ever entering the courtroom, and this experience is used to serve our client’s best interests. Whether your case involves investigation, expert witnesses, or complex topics, we will work diligently to get the job done and provide every client with the best possible defense. Our Port Orange criminal defense attorneys will work hard to have your charges reduced or dismissed, and if we have to go to court, we will be prepared to fight for you. Criminal offenses carry steep fines, jail or prison terms, and other serious consequences. With so much at risk, you can’t afford to leave your legal defense to just anyone.  

Why Choose Buckmaster & Ellzey?

  • Client-Focused Representation
  • A Team of Compassionate Advocates on Your Side
  • Former State Prosecutor
  • 40+ Years of Collective Experience
  • Dedicated Attorneys