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Daytona Beach Mediation Attorneys

Peacefully Resolve Your Divorce in Florida

Divorce is one of the most challenging legal processes a family an experience. After all, it’s difficult to make decisions about alimony, child custody, and asset division—especially in a courtroom setting. It’s not unusual for the pressure and stress to turn an amicable split into a high-conflict divorce case. Sadly, these cases often result in unsatisfactory marriage settlement agreements and divorce decrees.

In the past, divorce court was the only option for couples who wanted to end their marriages. Divorce specialists, psychologists, and legal professionals have since developed revolutionary out-of-court divorce options, including mediation. When mediation is successful, spouses can peacefully complete their marital settlement agreements while saving both time and money.

At Buckmaster & Ellzey, one of our experienced Daytona Beach mediation lawyers can serve as your mediator and guide you in developing a comprehensive marital settlement agreement. During your consultation, we can explore your personal circumstances and determine if mediation is your best divorce option. As a law firm, our priority is to help you finalize your divorce in a way that leaves you financially secure and ready for the next stage of your life.

Contact our Daytona Beach mediation attorneys at (888) 785-6548 to learn more about mediated divorces.

Understanding the Mediation Process

If you’re interested in utilizing mediation, you need to hire a neutral mediator to lead your settlement negotiations. Ideally, this mediator should be a divorce lawyer who is experienced in both divorce and family law.

Mediators are required to:

  • Remain neutral
  • Avoid using force to complete the negotiation process
  • Mediate on behalf of both spouses

It’s important to note that a mediator can’t support or make decisions on behalf of either spouse. Their sole purpose is to guide the negotiation process and facilitate honest communication between the spouses.

This divorce option is only successful when both parties are invested in the process and present for every meeting. Once negotiations have been completed, your mediator can prepare the written statement for you and your spouse to sign.

You can negotiate the following matters in a mediated divorce:

Mediation is also an excellent option for couples with children. Completing this process can establish a solid co-parenting relationship based on trust and open communication. After all, you may be divorced, but you’re still raising a child together. Mediation can help you circumvent many of the problems newly divorced parents face.

Start the Process Today

If you’re interested in mediation, contact the Daytona Beach mediation attorneys at Buckmaster & Ellzey today. Our legal team is skilled in countless divorce law disciplines and can help you negotiate a thorough marital settlement agreement that reflects your family’s needs and legal objectives.

Contact Buckmaster & Ellzey at (888) 785-6548 to schedule a consultation.


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