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Child Support

Daytona Beach Child Support Attorneys

Guiding Clients Through The Child Support Process in Volusia County

Child support is one of the most essential legal issues for couples who have children to sort out. Whether in conjunction with a divorce or as part of another type of separation, failing to properly litigate this matter can have a huge effect on your life and the life of your child moving forward. Thankfully, the Daytona Beach family law attorneys at Buckmaster & Ellzey are here to make sure our clients never have to worry about child support again. For representation who will negotiate to secure the best outcome on your behalf, trust Buckmaster & Ellzey.

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How to Determine Child Support in Florida

While the state of Florida has a few hardline statutes related to child support, you may be able to craft an agreement tailored specifically to your situation with the assistance of a skilled attorney. In most cases, a flat percentage of at least 25% of the non-custodial parents’ income is supposed to go to child support payments for a single child. The more children in question, the higher child support payments are likely to be. However, the right lawyer will be able to advocate for more or less money in child support proceedings, depending on the details of the case.

Usually, child support payments last until a child turns 18 and legally becomes an adult. In some circumstances, child support payments may last longer, such as until the child graduates college. If no mutually satisfactory agreement can be reached between both parties in child support negotiations, a judge will then hand down child support orders, taking various details of each party’s life into account.

What Does The Court Consider When Determining Child Support Payments?

Details the court will consider when determining child support payments include:

  • The needs of the child
  • The needs of any other children living with each party
  • The overall living expenses for each party
  • The household in which the child spends more time
  • The finances of both parties

At Buckmaster & Ellzey, we are equipped to handle a range of child support issues. From supporting parents whose finances are being taken advantage of to fighting for parents who require additional support to provide the right life for their child, our experienced family law attorneys can handle it all.

Enforcement and Modification of Child Support in Florida

In cases where one parent is refusing to adhere to a child support agreement, you may need to get an attorney involved to force the said parent to uphold their end of the legal bargain. This may occur shortly after a separation or abruptly, months or even years later, should payments stop. Whatever the circumstances are, you will want to hire an attorney who can work to make sure your agreement is enforced. If necessary, the noncomplying party’s wages may be garnished to provide support.

You may also need to modify a child support agreement at some point. Life changes, and to keep up with those changes, a commensurate level of support is important. Reasons for modification orders can include everything from job loss and illness to remarriage and promotion. Regardless, if you are suddenly able to provide less support or suddenly require more to manage your daily life and the life of your child, a skilled lawyer can provide protection.

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