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Child Abuse

Daytona Beach Child Abuse Attorney

Defending Against Child Abuse Allegations in FL

The Federal Child Abuse Protection and Treatment Act protect children in the U.S. against individuals who commit child abuse. A child abuse charge is serious and the penalties for a conviction are significant. Buckmaster & Ellzey understands the far-reaching affects a criminal allegation or conviction can have on an offender and family members. A criminal charge can cause loss of employment, loss of child custody following a divorce, and hardships on all parties involved.

An individual charged with a serious child abuse offense should contact a Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney before speaking with authorities and making possible incriminating statements. Our attorneys offer a strong and effective defense for our clients charged with serious criminal offenses. We draw from the experience of working as a prosecutor and offer a unique understanding of both sides of the law when building a defense case.

About Child Abuse and Penalties

Molestation, prostitution, statutory rape, sexual exploitation, and incest are common child abuse offenses. The type of child abuse crime and other factors would determine the severity of punishment if found guilty. A court would consider prior offenses, the use of weapons, illegal drug use, the age of the child, and if the offender caused injuries or death to the child during the abuse crime.

A conviction for a child abuse offense can include:

  • Up to 35 years in prison
  • Large fines, court costs
  • Lifetime parole
  • Community service
  • Long-term mandatory counseling

A judge may impose other penalties depending on the circumstances of the child abuse occurrence. An individual who physically or verbally abuses a child can have a battle ahead and needs the support from a good defense attorney who is knowledgeable in all aspects concerning child abuse.

Our attorneys know how the court systems work and how to get results for our clients. Our goal is the best possible outcome for our clients considering the seriousness of the criminal charges. At Buckmaster & Ellzey, we fight for the rights of our clients and defend their freedoms when they face child abuse charges. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a qualified child abuse lawyer.

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