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Daytona Beach Burglary Lawyer

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A burglary is an unauthorized entry into a structure, dwelling, or vehicle with the intention of committing an additional crime, such as theft inside, that structure or dwelling. Burglaries are serious crimes with significant penalties. An individual arrested and charged with burglary should contact a Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney immediately for legal advice and guidance and before making statements to authorities. Buckmaster & Ellzey defends all types of criminal cases, including burglary.

Why Choose Our Daytona Beach Burglary Lawyers?

  • 40+ years of trusted collective legal experience
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We offer a unique perspective to our cases due to former work as prosecutor. We offer insight of both sides of the law when forming a defense for our clients against criminal charges. We have the knowledge and the resources to defend clients against any burglary allegation.

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Penalties for Burglary in Florida

The existence of prior offenses, the type of theft, and circumstances of the burglary can affect the sentencing if found guilty.

There are varying degrees of burglary felony convictions, and the laws vary from state to state, with Florida having some of the stiffer penalties including:

  • First degree felony - maximum life sentence in prison
  • Second degree felony - maximum 15-year prison sentence
  • Third degree felony - maximum 5-year prison term

Additional penalties include large fines, court costs, community service, restitution, court ordered counseling and rehabilitation programs, or other penalties imposed by a judge at sentencing. An accused offender has a lot at stake and a conviction can affect the future of the individual as well as family members and associates. It is important to have a strong defense from a dependable criminal defense attorney who can challenge evidence presented by the prosecution.

Defense can attack the validity of warrants, victim statements, police reports, arrest procedures, forensics, and any other evidence in support of the prosecution. We know how the prosecution works and how they build their cases. We get results for our clients. Make an appointment today for a consultation with an experienced burglary defense lawyer.

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Why Choose Buckmaster & Ellzey?

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