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Internet Crimes

Daytona Beach Internet Crime Lawyer

Representation for Internet Criminal Cases in FL

People of all ages use the internet to network and seek information on a global scale. Some individuals use the internet to engage in criminal activities and if caught can face severe consequences. The FBI and other governmental agencies spend a vast amount of time and resources to catch criminals who commit crimes on the internet. It is hard to detect the source of internet crimes because of the wide geographic area that involves internet users.

An individual who thinks he or she is under investigation for committing internet crimes or arrested and charged with internet crimes should contact a Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney for legal advice before speaking with the authorities.

Buckmaster & Ellzey is experienced in defending internet crime cases and is knowledgeable in all area of criminal law. We provide a thorough defense utilizing the past work as a prosecutor giving us an understanding of both sides of the law. We know how the court systems operate and what the prosecution looks for when building a case against individuals accused of internet crimes.

About Internet Crimes

In individual convicted of internet crimes can receive a sentence of imprisonment, large fines and costs, parole, loss of assets and property, community service, mandatory counseling and other penalties that a judge decides is appropriate for the crime.

Internet crimes can include the following activities:

  • Child pornography, exploitation, solicitation or enticement of minors
  • Infecting, hacking, invading, denial-of-service to computers
  • Identity theft, phishing scams, chain letters
  • Terrorism, espionage, cyberstalking

A strong defense is necessary when fighting charges of internet crimes. Due to the difficulty of proving internet crimes, the prosecution often relies on evidence from victim statements, financial records, forensics, and expert witnesses. A prosecution must present evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual committed internet crimes. Defense attorneys can challenge any evidence concerning warrants, arrest procedures, police records and all other evidence concerning the case.

We have the knowledge and resources to defend against internet crime allegations and protect the rights and interests of our clients. The goal of Buckmaster & Ellzey is the best possible outcome for our clients through an effective and skilled defense. Make an appointment today for a consultation.

Contact a Daytona Beach internet crime lawyer if facing charges of committing internet crimes.


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