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Theft Crimes

Daytona Beach Theft Crime Attorney

Defending Against Theft Crime Charges in Florida

Individuals arrested and charged with theft crimes should seek legal advice from an experienced Daytona Beach theft crime attorney from Buckmaster & Ellzey. We defend all types of criminal cases including theft crimes. For legal advice and guidance following an arrest, contact a Daytona Beach theft crime lawyer before making possible incriminating statements to law enforcement or other authorities.

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We provide professional legal services and a strong defense for individuals facing criminal theft charges. We bring a unique perspective to our defense cases based on experience working as a prosecutor in the courts. Our goal is reduced charges or case dismissal when defending clients against theft allegations.


If you are facing theft crime charges in Daytona Beach, call (888) 785-6548 today to schedule your case consultation!

Theft Crimes in Florida

Burglary, robbery, larceny, embezzlement, shoplifting, fraud, and identity theft are some of misdemeanor or felony theft crimes. Factors that can affect sentencing by a judge are the existence of prior offenses, use of force or violence during the commission of the crime, weapon use, and the presence of minors at the criminal incident.

A theft crime automatically becomes a felony if the use of force is present and under certain other conditions. Punishment for theft crimes can include:

  • Maximum 1 year jail term, fines, probation, counseling, restitution, and community service for a misdemeanor conviction
  • Maximum 30 years prison term, large fines, parole, counseling and rehabilitation programs, community service, and restitution for a felony conviction

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The loss of certain rights and freedoms that accompany a criminal conviction can have a life changing affect on the offender. Lessened opportunities for employment, college, and career advancement can be the result of a theft crime conviction. An individual guilty of a theft crime may lose certain professional licenses or a child custody award following a divorce. It is important to seek legal representation from experienced Daytona Beach theft crime attorneys who aggressively fight for their clients and protect their constitutional rights. Our lawyers with Buckmaster & Ellzey have the knowledge and skill to defend you against a theft crime charge. Schedule your initial appointment today.

Arrested for a theft crime? Contact a Daytona Beach theft crime lawyer for effective legal defense.


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