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Enforcement Proceedings

Enforcement Proceedings in Daytona Beach

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When an official court order is handed down in a divorce or other family law case, it is the responsibility of every party involved to adhere to it. To refuse to adhere to an established and legally binding agreement can put someone at risk of being held in contempt, and result in significant fees or even jail time. If you are either about to begin enforcement proceedings or believe enforcement proceedings may soon be brought against you, it is highly advisable to hire a lawyer for assistance.

At Buckmaster & Ellzey, our Daytona Beach family law attorneys have been fighting for the people of Florida over 40 years. We understand these matters are complex, and often emotionally fraught. That’s why our goal is to make sure they are not any more difficult than they have to be. Call the enforcement lawyers at Buckmaster & Ellzey now, and receive the legal representation you are entitled to.

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What is Involved in Enforcement Proceedings?

The enforcement process begins with an attorney filing a motion for enforcement, outlining how the party in question has failed to comply with established agreements, and requesting that the court compel the noncompliant party to follow its orders. If the court determines the party in question is able to comply with its orders but has chosen not to, then they may find said party in contempt, and issue sanctions forcing them to pay any outstanding support and begin complying with all legal agreements immediately. Attorney’s fees may also be granted under the court’s sanctions. Failure to comply with outstanding orders can result in incarceration.

Enforcement proceedings can be used to uphold:

Establishing evidence and fulfilling the other legal requirements in enforcement proceedings can be fairly complicated. This is why you will want to hire a skilled attorney to help make sure you receive everything you are asking for. Conversely, you will also want to hire an attorney if an ex-partner is attempting to begin enforcement proceedings against you, as the penalties for failing to comply in enforcement cases can be severe.

Hire Superior Legal Assistance, from Buckmaster & Ellzey

For over 3 decades, the firm of Buckmaster & Ellzey has been helping people in Daytona Beach and across the state of Florida resolve their legal issues efficiently. We understand that family law matters like enforcement proceedings are never easy, which is why we make it our mission to remove as much of the burden as possible from your shoulders. We are renowned for our client-focused representation, and have a long history of going above and beyond for the people we help. From enforcement, to property division, to domestic violence, there’s only one firm you need to know in Daytona Beach, and that firm is Buckmaster & Ellzey.

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