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COVID-19 has changed everything… except your Parenting Plan

father and daughter

Court Ordering Parenting Plans outline time-sharing and custody schedules for parenting time with children, however, very few have language addressing what happens during a State of Emergency or crisis.

Even though we are being told to stay at home, parents must pay close attention to the language in their parenting plan because absent a Court Order changing the parenting plan, the courts expect the parents to follow the parenting plan if they cannot work together and agree on an alternative solution.

Courts often come down hard on parents who engage in “self-help” and violate shared parental responsibility by deciding their way is better than the other parents and take thing in their own hands.

These types of actions could end up with a parent being found in contempt of court for violating the time-sharing agreement without proper cause and being required to give the other parent “make-up” time, take a parenting course, pay for travel, and even pay the other parent’s attorney fees and costs.

The attorneys at Buckmaster & Ellzey can help parents before they put themselves at risk or if the other parent is taking things into their own hands. Call now to consult with us to interpret the rights and responsibilities in your custody or parenting plan and find solutions to these types time-sharing issues during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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