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Understanding Annulment & How to Get One


confusing to ascertain which one may be the best choice for you. Divorce is no longer the only option for people hoping to part ways with whom they are married to. Many of these people believe annulment is a better route to take, without truly understand what an annulment entails.

Are you wondering whether you can get an annulment? The specifications and requirements for an annulment differ with one simple, core fact. A divorce dissolves a currently existing marriage, and an annulment states the marriage never existed at all. An annulment erases the marriage from existence and renders it invalid in the eyes of the law. Florida law is unique in that it doesn’t specifically address annulment, thus making it quite difficult to attain one--though not impossible.

The grounds for annulment are as follows:

  • The marriage becomes void because one spouse is legally married to more than one person
  • The marriage is incestuous
  • The marriage consists of two underage people
  • One spouse is permanently mentally incapacitated and unable to consent to marriage
  • One spouse was under the influence of intoxicating alcohol or drugs
  • One spouse suffered from a temporary mental problem during the time of marriage
  • One of the spouses used fraudulent acts of misrepresentations to trick the other spouse into marriage
  • One or both spouses were forced into marriage
  • One spouse is underage and didn’t obtain consent of a parent or guardian
  • One spouse is impotent
  • One or both spouses entered the marriage as a joke or prank

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