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Top Steps to Take When Going Through a Divorce


Divorce can be an incredibly confusing time, especially because each divorce is different. Finances, children, and the overall relationship between two people differs from case to case, which is why it can feel overwhelming trying to find solid answers regarding your divorce. Going into this process being as prepared as possible is the only way to truly combat any difficulties which may arise along the way.

If the end of your marriage is impending, or if you are currently in the midst of pursuing a divorce, you need to make sure you are prepared in any event. So many things can go wrong, even if you and your ex-spouse as remotely amicable.

The following are steps to take in the event of divorce:

  • Consult a Daytona Beach family lawyer – This is the most important step to take to protect yourself in every aspect. Whether you are concerned about assets, property, or your children, we at Buckmaster & Elizey can help advise you on your best course of action. Going in blindly simply isn’t an option.
  • Copy documents – Keep a copy of any and all important documents, because you never know when you will need to show proof on your end. Finances are one of the biggest points of contention in a divorce, which is why you need to keep a copy of all tax returns, bank statements, investment statements, retirement account statements, life insurance policies, mortgage documents, financial statements, credit card statements, wills, Social Security statements, and more.
  • Maintain routine – If you have children, it is especially important you keep their routine as consistent as possible. This transition will be particularly difficult for them, and you and your ex-spouse still need to maintain somewhat of a comfortable balance in their lives. Their entire family structure is crumbling--make it as easy as possible.

Contact Our Daytona Beach Family Lawyers

Our legal team at Buckmaster & Elizey is comprised of strongminded and experienced Daytona Beach family lawyers, who won’t hesitate to take on a challenge on your behalf. We have the tenacity and determination to be your advocate throughout the undoubtedly difficult and drawn-out process of divorce.

For legal guidance you can truly trust, contact us today by calling (888) 785-6548.

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