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Jeremy Buckmaster Joins the Citizens' Law Enforcement Advisory Board as Vice Chair


For over 15 years, Attorney Jeremy Buckmaster has grown in his skills as an attorney, particularly in the area of criminal defense. His abilities were recently recognized by the City of Ormond Beach, when he was appointed as Vice Chair for the Citizens’ Law Enforcement Advisory Board. Our firm anticipates much success from this new opportunity and is proud of this new accomplishment.

The Citizens’ Law Enforcement Advisory Board, also known as the Board, is a vital aspect of the safety of Ormond Beach’s community. The Board assists the Police Department by assessing citizen allegations against the department anytime deadly or excessive force is used by officers. Instances of death or serious injury, allegedly caused by the Department, is also reviewed by the Board.

The police chief also relies on the Board to handle directives regarding discipline, equal employment opportunities, and sexual harassment. Issues that directly pertain to the community are passed along to the Board for review and suggestions.

Recognized as a Valued Member of the Community

Because the Board is so crucial to the overall safety and unity of Ormond Beach, each member must be seen as an esteemed member of the community. Mr. Buckmaster is exactly that. Both as an attorney and as an individual, he maintains a respected reputation.

Before opening his own practice, Mr. Buckmaster was an Assistant State Attorney in the 19 th Judicial Circuit of Florida. He was largely responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in county and circuit court. Mr. Buckmaster carried over much of this knowledge into his own practice, all to his clients' benefit.

Today, Mr. Buckmaster focuses on a wide range of criminal defense matters, including DUI, sex crimes, and drug crimes. He is known for offering aggressive representation and effective legal counsel to each and every one of his clients.

While serving on the Citizens’ Law Enforcement Advisory Board, Mr. Buckmaster looks forward to the positive influence he will be able to have on the community. This year, like years past, will truly allow Mr. Buckmaster to become even more successful as an attorney.

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