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Changes with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Hardship Licenses that took Effect July 1, 2013 (DUIS)


There are numerous reasons for which an individual may have his or her driver's license suspended. Multiple traffic violations, reckless driving and DUI are all reasons the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) could suspend your license. In the past, if you were arrested for a suspected DUI and your license was suspended, you only had 10 days from the time of your arrest to request a formal review hearing at the DHSMV so that you could challenge your suspension. Getting a hardship license was extremely difficult even when your job and family life relied on you being able to drive to and from work, school, church, the doctor's office, the store and other key destinations.

With recent changes having taken place at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) due to new laws going into effect , it is now much easier for an individual to meet the eligibility requirements for a DUI hardship license. Individuals can also have their license immediately reinstated or, if they would prefer, they can waive the option for a formal or informal hearing. As of July 1, 2013 individuals who have their driver's licenses suspended may be eligible for immediate reinstatement providing that certain qualifications are met. If you have no prior suspensions for alcohol-related offenses and you have not refused to take a breath test more than once, then you may be able to reinstate your driving privileges immediately following your DUI arrest.

You must act fast however. Before your 10-day deadline is up, our firm can help you sign up for DUI school (DUIS), assist you in gathering the documentation to verify your citizenship and residency requirements, and help you file a Request for Eligibility Review at your local DMV office. Taking these steps will give you the opportunity to apply for a hardship hearing, reinstate your driver's license to retain your driving privileges and once again be able to go about performing your everyday driving-related tasks. For those who would rather avoid a formal or informal DMV hearing, our firm can also help with the successful navigation of the new review waiver process. To find out if you meet the eligibility requirements for a DUI hardship license, contact a Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney at Buckmaster & Ellzey right away.

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