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Drug Trafficking

DeLand Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

The penalties and charges in drug crimes escalate depending on the police’s interpretation of your intent, not necessarily on the facts. For instance, if you are caught with drugs, you could be charged with simple possession. However, if you have a few baggies along with the narcotics, the police may assume you are dealing. In that case, they will charge you with possession with intent to sell, a more severe crime.

If the police accuse you of having “too much” of a controlled substance, they assume that you are trafficking drugs. Trafficking is the most severe drug crime. It doesn’t simply assume that you intend to sell drugs. It assumes that you are potentially involved in the distribution, cultivation, or manufacture of drugs for a wide market.

Buckmaster & Ellzey is here to help DeLand residents accused of drug trafficking. With over 35 years of experience, our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to fight for your innocence. 

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How Does Florida Determine Drug Trafficking Charges?

Drug trafficking allegations are based solely on the amount of drugs allegedly found in your possession. This amount varies depending on the drug and its schedule. Many Schedule 1 drugs, for instance, require lower quantities for a trafficking charge. For a Schedule 5 substance, trafficking charges may not apply unless you have vast amounts of the drug.

Even this standard, however, is variable. Ultimately, trafficking depends on how the drug is bought and sold. LSD, for instance, is normally sold in low quantities. Therefore, only one gram of LSD is enough to charge someone with drug trafficking in Florida.

Because trafficking is based on the quantity of a controlled substance, authorities often ignore genuine intent. If they see four or more grams of fentanyl, for instance, they immediately assume an intent to traffic. A person isn’t automatically a world-renowned dealer simply for having more of a controlled substance. Let our firm help reveal your actual intent to the court, helping exonerate you of steep, severe drug trafficking allegations.

Defenses Against Drug Trafficking Charges

A lack of intent is not the only credible defense against these drug trafficking allegations. Tell our team every detail of your charge and arrest. We may be able to use one of the following defenses to help preserve your freedom.

The Drugs Were Not Yours

Being near a controlled substance does not automatically imply ownership. Perhaps the authorities find your roommate’s stash of narcotics and assume it belongs to you. Maybe you visit someone who is hiding drugs without your knowledge. The police could assume that you are involved in a trafficking operation simply because you are present when they find the narcotics.

It’s up to prosecutors to make a direct connection between you and the contraband. If that connection is flimsy, we can help expose its flaws in court.

You Were Coerced into Keeping the Drugs

The drug trade is known for its dangerous, unscrupulous characters. Often, these people threaten others into committing crimes, attempting to keep themselves free from criminal charges. 

If drug dealers threatened you or your family, forcing you to participate in their trafficking schemes, our firm can help. We can help explain your story in court, and we may be able to help secure protection against your abuser.

You Were the Victim of Entrapment

Police are allowed to set up false criminal scenarios, and they can lie bout being officers. What they cannot do, however, is lure otherwise law-abiding citizens into committing a felony. Entrapment is a complicated claim. It accuses the police of creating a crime and enticing someone into it.

We have a former prosecutor on our team who knows how authorities can twist a charge against you. Tell our attorneys everything that led to your arrest. If we see evidence of entrapment, we can use our skills to expose it in court. When the police use improper methods to secure an arrest, the entire case can be thrown out.

If you’ve been accused of drug trafficking in Volusia County, call (888) 785-6548 today for a free consultation. You can also contact our team online. Buckmaster & Ellzey is here to defend your rights in court.


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