• This Law Firm Is Everything You Can Ask For.
    This law firm is everything you can ask for. They keep me inform through the whole case, and everything come out the way was planned. Thanks to Maria and Mr Buckmaster.

    - Alejandro R.

  • He went above and beyond to address my case
    Mr. Ellzey is a very conscientious, knowledgeable and caring attorney! He went above and beyond to address my case and to keep me informed about all aspects of the procedure. His responsiveness to my needs was clearly evident and if needed, he would return my calls or emails at the earliest possible time! I would highly recommend this fine young man and talented lawyer.

    - Jon

  • He treated us like we were his only client
    We hired Jeremy Buckmaster to handle a criminal defense case on our son's behalf. We had spoken to other attorneys and even initially retained one. None of them gave us a glimmer of any kind of hope. When my son and I met with Jeremy, before we hired him, he made us feel like we finally had someone on our side and you could literally see the change in my son's demeanor.

    - Brian

  • Unbelievably Outstanding
    Couldn't have been happier with Mr. Buckmaster and his team. They are truly professional and really make you feel comfortable in times of need and frustration. I would highly recommend Mr. Buckmaster because he will fight for you to get the best results in your case that you possibly can. Truley best representation I've ever had and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my situation. 100% highly recommend.

    - Jordan D.

    Daytona Beach, FL
  • Great attorneys and staff!!!
    I made a bad decision and needed to hire an attorney. Mr. Buckmaster and Mr. Cantrell were always honest, attentive, responsive and really helped me through this difficult time. What a great firm ..Always honest, understanding and professional...not only the attorneys, but the whole staff..Thank you. The staff always treated me with respect and kindness. You will not be disappointed if you hire them for your attorney needs..

    - E. Hansen

  • Highly Recommend
    When my exhusband wanted to revisit our original divorce agreement, it was difficult and hurtful. Then I sat with David Ellzey. He showed me the long distance parent guide. He helped me understand things better. He passed the box of tissues and made it easier to walk out of his office verses how I felt going in. I am grateful for David and his team. His fellow attorneys in his office are also kind. Brian Cantrell also took time to assist the one time David wasn't available. They really care and take the time to listen. The support staff is very kind and quick to warm you with a smile. I spoke to some attorneys who did not explain things clearly and some who bullied. I needed my actions to be done out of love for sake of my children. David and his team get the job done and it's with compassion! I highly recommend David Ellzey. This is his calling. He is kind and dedicated to his work and his clients.

    - Kim

    Daytona Beach, FL
  • Mr. Buckmaster was invaluable
    Jeremy and his team helped me through an extremely challenging time and kept me informed and focused on the end goal. Things were not clear cut and we needed to come up with creative solutions, it was very stressful. I was so glad to have this team working for me, they really were looking out for my family and that means the world to me.

    - SM

  • Amazing
    Attorney Ellzey helped get everything I asked for. Very professional and knowledgeable. He did a fantastic job!

    - Travis C

  • I Can't Say Enough on How Confident We Felt.
    Jeremy and his staff were professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, and accommodating. I can't say enough on how confident we felt with Jeremy and his criminal defense of our son. He kept us informed and answered all our questions promptly and was always accessible to us. The law and the system can be overwhelming and Jeremy took the time to be assured of our understanding. I highly recommend Jeremy for he will represent you or your loved one well and to the best of his ability which is great. His intelligence and respect from others is evident. In closing, I will say we are pleased and feel we got the best possible outcome.

    - Linda C.

  • I Had No Idea What to Expect and He Was Such a Blessing.
    Mr. Buckmaster was kind, personable, ethical, & knowledgeable as well as professional. These are admirable character traits for an attorney. In this situation, I had no idea what to expect and he was such a blessing.

    - Patti C.

  • Mr. Buckmaster Went Above and Beyond for Me.
    I needed a Criminal layer in Daytona and not being from the area didn't know who to choose. After some research I went to meet with Mr. Buckmaster. Not only did he see me the day I called, his staff even returned my call on a Saturday. Mr. Buckmaster went above and beyond for me. He is very familiar with the law and strives for the best possible result. He makes sure you feel comfortable and explains everything that is going on with your case.I highly recommend him. He really does strive for the best. I could not have received a sentence so favorable without his knowledge and diligence.

    - Sonya F.

  • I Knew My Son Was Being Represented Thoroughly
    Jeremy and team gave us the peace of mind of knowing that my son was being represented thoroughly from Cleveland. Great legal team!!!

    - Lisa L.

  • Outstanding Service provided!
    I ended up being involved in a Road Rage incident on the Interstate. After being contacted by police, I did a google search and found Buckmaster Law online. I read the reviews and decided to make an appointment. I met with Jeremy who went into detail explaining my situation and what my potential outcome might be. I made the decision to hire Jeremy to defend my potential case. The investigation ultimately was submitted to the Prosecutor's office which sat on it for a few months, however during this time Jeremy and his staff kept in contact with me via email and phone to update me on the ongoings. After a few months, I finally got word from Jeremy that my case had been dismissed and a No Information was filed with the court. Best money I spent on this, and now its put behind me and I can go on with life as normal. Thank you so much Jeremy and his staff for an outstanding service. All I can say is if you are accused of something don't just sit and wait for something to happen, be proactive and go hire Jeremy Buckmaster, you won't regret it!!!!

    - Boyd C.

    Flagler County, FL
  • Best Representation
    Jeremy Buckmaster is a man of integrity and endless energy. In short order I could sense his loyalty and dedication, providing me a great feeling of calm. Our relationship felt brotherly throughout the process, and issues were discussed openly and honestly. His zeal and resourcefulness quickly brought to order a complex situation. As a result, the final judgment was favorable far beyond my expectations. I will be forever be grateful for his services and friendship.

    - BT

    Port Orange, FL
  • A Definite Godsend!!
    Jeremy Buckmaster is an outstanding attorney. I have needed his services twice and both times he went beyond what I could have hoped or prayed for from an attorney. He is so compassionate and understanding and works to the better of his client and not just what is the "easy" way. Most people hire an attorney wanting the "easy" way - Please listen to this attorney - he is far wiser than his years and he will be honest and recommend what is in your best interest! He has my endorsement 100% and I will gladly talk to any of this clients that need additional information.

    - Bobbi

  • The greatest representation ever!
    so helpful with getting everything done in a timely manner and always answered all my questions and helped my family through everything step by step!

    - Katie

  • Excellent attorney
    The only attorney I know that will call you back as soon as he can. And was very easy to talk to. Took the stress right off my back. Great attorney would recommend him to anybody!

    - Virginia

  • Worked Miracles for Me!!!
    I had a leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. Jeremy was there to lead me through the process quickly and painlessly. In the end all I received were some fines. He far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend him to anyone.

    - John

  • Great Attorney - Highly Recommend
    I cannot say enough about Mr. Buckmaster's knowledge of law. He knows how to get the best results for his clients, he listens to your concerns, and he has your best interests at heart. Also, when you have questions regarding your case, he always responds quickly. Finally, his paralegal assistant (Michelle) is wonderful to work with. If you want an attorney who cares, Mr. Buckmaster is the attorney for you.

    - Mila

  • The Best when you need the Best!
    Although my case was a misdemeanor, through Mr. Buckmaster's efforts, the State of Florida chose not to prosecute and dropped the charges. I was totally impressed with his knowledge, and the way he constantly kept me updated on his progress! Now I truly understand why the clients that I met were ALL smiling as they left his office! Mr. Buckmaster's qualifications and experience are impeccable, and I would VERY HIGHLY recommend him to my friends, or anyone I knew required his assistance

    - John

  • I would not hesistate to call him again
    From the initial consultation I felt comfortable with Jeremy. He explained the law and provided expert guidance and advice throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to call him again for legal advice or services.

    - John

  • Highly Recommended
    Jeremy Buckmaster is a resourceful, and fair attorney. He is very responsive, and he works diligently on your behalf. He handled my case with efficiency. Even though the outcome was not all I had hoped I do believe he did his very best in that the outcome could have been much worse. He always returned my calls or e-mails, and he worked diligently on my behalf. I continue to work with him, because I have the utmost confidence that he will do whatever he can in order to get the best possible outcome for me. His experience is well known and respected within the Judicial system process, and for that I trust him with any legal issue I may need.

    - Jackie

    Palm City, FL
  • Great Lawyer
    If you ever need any kind of legal advice or representation, I advise you to give Jeremy Buckmaster a phone call. When Jeremy was working on my case, I was amazed at the sincere effort he put forth. My relationship with Jeremy also exceeded my expectations. I was prepared to have a lawyer treat me as if I was just like any other client but soon realized this was not the case. Jeremy always showed a genuine interest in my case and treated me with the upmost respect. I was able to rely on him if I needed anything. Despite not working with each other anymore, he continues to check up on me from time to time to see if I am doing well. Before hiring Jeremy to represent me, I had a gloomy idea of what I was to expect in court. Jeremy was able to get me results that I had no idea were even possible, through his numerous contacts, extreme dedication, and hard work. Without Jeremy, I probably would not have been able to write this review from the comfort of my own home. I owe my freedom to Jeremy and will forever be thankful to him for helping me so much. If you are in any kind of trouble or legal predicament, I recommend Jeremy Buckmaster, confident that he will give you phenomenal results and true dedication to helping you. Jeremy was not simply a great lawyer, he is a great friend. Thank you for everything, Jeremy.

    - Former Client

  • Great attorney
    Jeremy was recommended to us by a mutual associate when my family ran into some legal issues. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and obvious competence. He was a tremendous help in getting the matter resolved favorably I recommend him highly!

    - Spence

  • Wonderful to work with
    David is great to work with. He is very personable and easy to engage with. He is also straightforward and provides usable information. I highly recommend him.

    - Lauren

  • Peace of mind and stress free
    David had my case dropped. The partitioner was lost and confused in the hearing. The partitioner had made up up stories to get the case to trail, but had no case. Partitioners family member worked as a paralegal and helped him. I may have been able to win this on my own but it would have been dragged out. David had the partitioner unable to even submit any of his lies. The partitioner sat in the court telling the judge, they did not know what they could say. The judge asked if he was done, then David had the case dropped without a need to defend me. David is currently handling a friends case and I am very optimistic of the outcome already and feel this may finally stop the partitioner repeated harassment. It was worth the cost. Also, hopefully, the partitioner will now stop waisting our time and the police, courts, and DCF, who's time could be put to better use.

    - Former Client

  • Mr. Buckmaster and his team are top notch people
    First of all, Mr. Buckmaster and his team are top notch people. They kept me informed throughout the entire unfortunate event and promptly called me back and answered my questions. I was faced with a life changing circumstance and Mr. Buckmaster helped me get through the process. He is familiar with the prosecutors and judges in this area and gives you honest information of what you are facing in the courtroom. I had never been in trouble with the law before and was faced with some really bad charges. He was able to negotiate a minimum for me and I was able to continue with my life. Changed, but for the better. Thank you very much Mr. Buckmaster and your team!

    - Former Client

  • Excellent Daytona Beach Attorney
    Mr. Buckmaster is a very professional, responsive, and effective lawyer in the Daytona Beach area. I would highly recommend him. He was able to get a traffic citation dismissed and kept me informed at every step along the way.

    - Carrie

  • I owe my freedom to Jeremy and will forever be thankful to him.
    If you ever need any kind of legal advice or representation, I advise you to give Jeremy Buckmaster a phone call. When Jeremy was working on my case, I was amazed at the sincere effort he put forth. My relationship with Jeremy also exceeded my expectations. I was prepared to have a lawyer treat me as if I was just like any other client but soon realized this was not the case. Jeremy always showed a genuine interest in my case and treated me with the upmost respect. I was able to rely on him if I needed anything. Despite not working with each other anymore, he continues to check up on me from time to time to see if I am doing well.

    - Former Client

  • I would highly recommend him to anyone.
    Excellent Daytona Beach attorney and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    - Carrie L

  • I highly recommend them for any legal needs.
    I've used this firm on several occasions and I've never been disappointed. I highly recommend them for any legal needs.

    - John A